Japan Youth Ecology League

a photograph of Eco-League members

Japan Youth Ecology League, which is often referred to as Eco-league, is a group of Japanese youth who wishes to promote better environment in the Earth. It was founded in 1994, after a year of preparation from the Rio Summit. Now, Eco-League is one of the largest youth networking organization, having more than 70 energetic groups entry, a nation-wide network of environmental activities. All the managements of Eco-league are carried on by members, whose age are 16-29. It has one board and two braches, one in Tokyo and the other in Osaka.

Our Purpose

Encouraging Youth action for promoting better environment Offering occasions for exchanging information Strengthen nation-wide action

Our activities

Eco-league supports people and groups who wish to promote better environment in the Earth, by sending appropriate information to them and offering event opportunities for them.


Our Activities

Youth Ecology Gathering

Youth Ecology Gathering is the biggest event in Eco-League.
People who are interested in environmental problems participate regardless of their age, major and their jobs. We organized 4 local gatherings and 1 national gathering every year. To each local gathering, more than a hundred people come, and to the national gathering more than 250 people. The role of this Gathering is to offer a place for exchanging information and thus to promote new nation-wide actions. The popular themes they treat are eco life, campus ecology, international problems and education.


"Ecommunication" is a consultation event where college eco-students talk with high school students who hope to learn environmental problems.
We give these high school students, through having a concultation, candid information about what and where they may be able to study.

Consultation for pre-new comer working

We offer opportunities for students, who are presently looking for a job, to talk with workers of each company being engaged in environmental issues. This helps students to know how each company may contribute to the improvement of the environment of the community.

Japan-Korea Youth Ecology Gathering

(For recent years, this has not been held. This is because there is a bigger conference, TUNZA-NEAYEN annual conference. See TUNZA-NEAYEN.)

This gathering is organized by Korean youth group; Green Network in Korea and Japanese youth network; Eco League. Participants share the information of each group activity and of the environmental issues of each country. The purpose of this gathering is to stimulate and further develop ecological activities in both countries

Contest of Student Environmental Activities

This contest allows students to introduce in a presentation their environmental activities. The participants receive objective and constructive comments from the audience. It was begun last year under the auspices of Tokyo Electronic Power Co, Eco-league and other organizations. More than 50 groups participated in this contest and tens of experts in this field appreciated the quality and the value of their activities.

Bicycle Caravan 

Bicycle is very ecological transportation. After the conclusion of COP3 in 1997. We go for all around the country by bicycle that come to be at least 2000km, every summer. The amount of our fellow is almost 100 people. On the way every participant appeals to the people and local autonomous to promote using bicycle in order to prevent global warming.