Popular activities in student environmental groups in Japan

See Introduction of Japanese youth environmental activities (PDF)

Popular activities among most environmental clubs are holding study sessions and working on some projects. The study sessions are held every week. Among the main topics are local water pollution, food crisis and environmental policies. These sessions are the main sources for students to acquire basic knowledge. As to the projects, we often work on grass-root activities. The Japanese tend to rather treat environmental problems in the citizen level. Many Japanese youth activities address issues subjectively while trying to involve people who have not been interested in environment. It seems that generally the Japanese prefer solving problems in collaboration with other sectors such as companies and government rather than holding anti activities against them.

Ecologycally Friendly School Festival

Ecology festival Network's aim is creation of school festival of reduction environmental load and strengthening of environmental conscious with audience. For example information exchange among students, cooperation for announce and holding event together. Ecology academic festival Network composed for volunteer student a member of environmental circle or individually. In 2002,about 40 colleges do networks and 150 people participate Network's ML.

Re-use fair (market)

This is an event where environmental groups help graduating students to give their electronics and furniture to freshmen when they move out. It reduces the amount of garbage and the cost they usually need to move in and out. More than 30 schools carry out this event.

Environmental Education

University and college students, who sometimes visit elementary schools, help teachers to encourage pupils to feel nature, know problems and think about them. In this program, not only pupils but also the university students and school teachers can realize a lot of new things. Also, we can build good relationships between pupils and collegians.

Nowadays, youth environmental activities are unceasingly expanding.
The kinds and the number of the environmental activities have been increasing every year Other sectors of the society, such as companies and administrations, have started showing their interest in supporting collegians’ activities.